MotoActive Tipped as Athletic Oriented Android Watch for Motorola

Motorola has has one other Android-based device in its potential ranks before, that being the seemingly very similar Tracy XL, this name being in place because it was to be aimed at the lovers of said last name of the original wristwatch-clad Dick Tracy, investigator deluxe. Now we're seeing several watches of a slightly similar build come through – back in December of 2010 we saw the Sony Ericsson LiveView, just this June the first we got to see a glimpse of the Tracy XL in part of its lovely glory, then even so recent as this morning we're privy to some hands-on feels for the WIMM Wearable Platform, again running Android.

What this MotoActive has to offer is a tiny display (likely around 1-inch), touch screen, several physical input buttons around the edge, a single Android back button, and a cool red and black wristwatch band with which you'll be sporting the new device in public. This device clearly has exercise in mind, a running made, some recent, running, and cycling options, and some specs on running sitting in the first row of previews. Of course there's always room for music, Rihanna with her bright red hair in back of a play, fast forward and fast back buttons in the watch-based image.

All of this is of course based on the idea that this leak is of a real device, these images clearly being mock-ups and renders of a product that may not be complete as of yet. Why on earth there's a need to bring the time of day back to one's wrist is another question your humble narrator would ask, when it's perfectly simple to take the smartphone out of your pocket and tap once. What do you think, time to get funky with some wrist-based Androids?

[via Android Community]