Motorola XOOM 2, Slimline, Targa, Zaha, and more Leaked in Web Mishap

Someone is very likely in trouble at this very moment as we see a nice little handful of Motorola items leak via an early reveal by a webmaster testing his wares out in a real live environment. Either this fellow didn't realize that the internet is turned on all the time and people are constantly on it, or this was a very oddly planned out leak for the purpose of stacking Motorola up as the overnight sensation in the Android news world. In this leak you're going to find images (and sparse details) about the Motorola XOOM 2, Slimline, Zaha, Targa, and a Dick Tracy watch by the name of Tracy XL. Sound like a good roundup?

The leak came in the form of one giant scrollable page with several items on it. These items all appear to very possibly be Android in origin, but who can tell? The first device is certainly the oddest, noting as its tagline "Dick Tracy Never Saw This Coming" and being titled TRACY XL. This is a watch, and as you old Dick Tracy fans know, all detective watches such as this have a readable display and a front-facing camera for video chat. Let's how for big power.

Next is the Slimline, a device that appears to be rather unique in its design with a single robot face (this is the back of the device we've decided) that must be a camera lens shield tapering down to what must certainly be a thin edge that beats out all the rest. Right? Sure thing! They say THIN IS STILL IN which means they must expect the Samsung Galaxy S II to be out of style by the time they announce this Slimline device, so don't expect to see it any time soon.

Below this is the Zaha, a device that looks rather similar to the device from HTC that's just made its way over to T-Mobile today, the Sensation 4G. This device has the line THE FUTURE IS NOW and looks to be a piece of Star Trek technology like we've never before experienced. Certainly this will be the new king of sassy aesthetics on the outside, power on the inside. Wowie what a looker! Below this are two more items that you'll have tow squint to see because the screenshots stop here. If you'll take the red tower in the upper right as a hint and the fact that the items continue as another hint, you'll see that the next item is the Motorola Targa, below this (and visible in the menu that's been below this whole time) is the second iteration of the world's first Honeycomb tablet, this time called the XOOM 2.

Will these devices all be released before the end of the year? Sure, let's do it! And PocketNow, you should definitely leak these screencaps out in larger style next time, but good work being quick on the screengrabbing trigger!

[via Android Community]