MOTO X and DROID Ultra likely candidates for FCC appearance

Chris Burns - Jul 3, 2013, 5:11pm CDT
MOTO X and DROID Ultra likely candidates for FCC appearance

This afternoon amid bits of detail surrounding Motorola’s upcoming MOTO X device comes a couple of FCC entries ready for Verizon here in the USA. While it’s not entirely clear – and certainly not confirmed – what these devices will be named come their official unveiling, it’s likely that at least one of them will have the name DROID attached. While initial reports suggest that the Moto X customizable smartphone will be appearing with Verizon with the name DROID Ultra, it’s possible that there’ll be two new Motorola-made smartphones on Big Red by the time all is said and done.

As is quite often the case, these FCC listings don’t say just one whole heck of a lot when it comes to specifications for either device. There are two machines up for analysis, the first coming in with the name XT1030, the other with XT1080, both devices ringing in with the usual: 4G LTE connectivity (Verizon’s flavor), NFC, and Bluetooth 4.0.

These devices are working with the newest in new Wi-Fi connectivity as well, bringing on 802.11ac for compatibility with such routers as the NetGear R6100 and Apple’s new AirPort Extreme.

These devices show one key differentiator between one another: size. The XT1080 appears to be a significant amount larger than the XT1030, the latter machine appearing most likely to match up with the Verizon iteration of the MOTO X. While leaks as recent as this afternoon have suggested the MOTO X to be bringing a display as large as 4.7-inches, a 5-inch+ display size for the other Motorola machine might be just the ticket for a match-up with the name “Ultra.”

Would it be out of line to suggest that Motorola would push forth two devices at once, right as the rest of the smartphone universe brings one device at a time, hero style? Everyone needs a regular-sized phone and a phablet, right?

VIA Engadget; FCC (1030); FCC (1080)

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