More Kinect Stock Than In Any Other Xbox Launch, Promises Microsoft

Microsoft is preparing more Xbox 360 Kinect units than it has readied hardware for any other Xbox launch, though UK pr-eorders have already seen retailers' stock sold out.  A company spokesperson told MCV that Microsoft is "working hard" to make sure the three week period in November – when the motion-gaming system will launch across all of the markets Xbox 360 is active in – meets the "exceptional" demand.

Previous Xbox 360 releases proved sell-outs, as retailers in the US and Europe were unable to provide enough stock to meet gamer demands.  No firm figures are being released by Microsoft for their Kinect sales expectations, but with both standalone Kinects and bundle deals with 360 consoles on sale, the manufacturer is obviously expecting high demand.

That lack of solid figures didn't stop Kudo Tsunoda from predicting that Kinect would outsell the iPad at launch, basically setting Microsoft a 1m target over the first 28 days of availability.  Kinect will arrive in the US on November 4 and the UK on November 10th.