Microsoft Kinect Launching in UK on November 10

It's been a couple of months since Microsoft officially announced Kinect — which was previously known as Project Natal. Since then, there's been a few speculations here and there about when the motion-controller peripheral would find its way to the UK. Today, Microsoft has come forward and announced the date that UK gamers should expect to see their living room invaded by their arm-waving friends.

The Kinect will be hitting retail shelves in the United States on November 4th. And, surprisingly enough, just a week later the peripheral will be finding its way to the UK. This is pretty much an unprecedented move for Microsoft, as the nature of the industry has usually lead to major console releases staggered by months, and merely weeks. This is usually due to the fact that production of the units can't keep up with demand, but apparently Microsoft is doing whatever it takes to make this holiday season a good one for folks who want to jump on board the motion controlled gaming scene.

As far as pricing goes, the Kinect will retail for about 150 Euros, which puts it just under $200. Considering folks are already saying that the $150 Kinect controller is already too expensive, we'll have to wait and see what people say about this pricing. Though, it doesn't seem too far off track for an international launch. As for the details regarding what's coming in the box and what not, no word quite yet. But, hopefully Microsoft has something interesting planned come November.

[via TG Daily]