Microsoft's first Windows 10 ad wants you to think of kids

With barely two weeks before the momentous occasion, Microsoft is unsurprisingly oiling up all the marketing machinery it can muster. Aside from its Upgrade Your World party, Redmond has just released the first ever video ad for Windows 10. Now you might think this will geek out over all the new features in the upcoming OS. Well, yes and no. Sure it mentions them in passing, but what the new Microsoft really wants you know is how human Windows 10 will be. And what better way to say "human" than with kids?

There will undoubtedly be some people who will bash this ad for their use of children to sell a point or, in this case, a product. Some might even argue that the narrated message has very little to do with the clips of cute children being shown. Well, that's marketing for you.

Kidding aside (get it?), what Microsoft is really trying to say is that Windows 10 will be more human-centric than any previous version. Instead of droning about tech features, it talks about how they won't have to worry about passwords thanks to Hello, or how webpages are scribbled on thanks to Edge, or how devices listen to them thanks to Cortana. This shifting of focus from technology to vision lines up with what CEO Satya Nadella emphasized in a recent interview touching on the future of Windows phones.

Interestingly, Microsoft makes a point about how the kids will grow up with Windows 10. Hopefully that's not an omen of how long it might take for these features to become usable.

Windows 10 officially launches July 29 with Microsoft holding a big party to celebrate the occasion. In reality, however, most consumers won't get their hands on Windows 10 until a few days, maybe even weeks, after. Unless, of course, they pre-ordered a new Windows 10 device that will ship on the same day like HP.

SOURCE: Microsoft