Microsoft Zune HD2 Seen at Microsoft Experience?

At least we can say that this isn't the first time the Zune HD2 has been rumored about. Because, let's face it, if you've got something as thin as this, you'll need some kind of other story to support it. Luckily, we've got that in this situation. According to a report over at Zunited, apparently a director and blogger got a chance to see the new Zune HD, along with a few pieces of other Microsoft tech.

The person in question, James Gunn, got the chance to attend Microsoft's "The Microsoft Experience," and while he was there, he got to peek the latest and greatest in Microsoft toys. The most notable is what he called "the new Zune." Now, there was a new Zune HD that just got released, you know — the 64GB model. And, that could very well be what Gunn witnessed, especially considering he doesn't give any further details. But, we'd wager that Microsoft said something along the lines of "new," and perhaps Gunn is of the mind to know what exactly is new on the market.

Gunn also noted his time spent with Project Natal, and the fact that he also saw a new Microsoft tablet, which, apparently, is a lot like the iPad. From what we heard yesterday, we don't know if that would be the HP Slate. Of course, he also got to see the new Microsoft phones, so that's probably Windows Phone 7, and not the Kin One or Kin Two. This doesn't necessarily mean that a new Zune HD, the Zune HD2, is coming, but it's just another rumor to pile up. And we'd be willing to be that they'll be piling up pretty quick over the next few months.

[via Zunited]