Microsoft Zune HD 64GB Available Now

If you haven't already picked up a Zune HD, perhaps now would be a good time. Unless, you're a fan of a different kind of Personal Media Player. In any event, Microsoft has just pulled the curtain off their granddaddy of the lineup, officially making the 64GB model available for purchase. But, hopefully you've been saving your hard-earned pennies, because it's going to cost you.

Not that it's not worth it, necessarily. After all, the Zune HD is a great PMP, if not one of the best on the market, and having the extra space to fill up makes it all that much better. Especially if you're using that Zune Pass like you should be. Plus, there's also the fact that Microsoft just released that 4.5 update. Which, if you'll remember, brings more codec support, smarter DJ mix on your device, and the ability to browse the Zune Marketplace right from your TV.

A whole bunch of updates, actually, to make sure that when you do pull the trigger on this bold purchase, you're well taken care of. If you're interested in picking it up, just head over to the Zune Store, and pick out your favorite model. If you are going for the 64GB model, it will cost you $349.99. What do you think? Is it worth it?

[via Microsoft]