Microsoft Pink leaks again: April 20th Verizon launch? [Update: & Vodafone!]

Microsoft's been a leaky old sieve lately, with Courier slipping out earlier and even more Project Pink news just now.  After yesterday's Verizon revelation and the subsequent firmware leak comes new images of the two Sharp-manufactured Pink phones, the Pure and Turtle, themselves, along with a potential launch date of April 20th.Update: Apparently the devices will also get an international launch – in their GSM formats – with carrier Vodafone.Larger images after the cut

According to Engadget's sources, the Pink phones will indeed be targeted at a more youthful market than Windows Phone 7.  The promotional campaign will center on a "truly madly deeply" slogan, presumably leaning on the idea that the entry-level smartphones will become the essential lynchpin of your social life.

As for what we already know about the two devices, beyond that there will – eventually – be both CDMA and GSM models, and that the Pure has a 480 x 320 display while the Turtle has a 320 x 240 screen, it's all a bit of a mystery.  Social networking seems to be heavily integrated – along with Zune HD style media functionality – so it seems very likely that these are the devices Microsoft hope will grab the attention of Sidekick lovers.