Microsoft Milk Studios event - we're here!

It's just about time to head in to the Microsoft "Major Announcement" media event that the press have been invited to on this extremely hot and sunny summer's day. We've been hypothesizing since the end of last week when Microsoft first invited the media world to this super secretive announcement (or set of announcements), and what's come up has been everything from an Xbox software upgrade to a Microsoft Surface downgrade – in size, that is. What seems most likely thus far is a Windows 8 tablet, as it were, so stay tuned as we move forward into the fray!

Below you'll find a timeline full of releases, tips, and leaks leading up to this event. We're at Milk Studios in Los Angeles right this second, a lovely venue with lots to say about how Microsoft is setting up the way they want to be viewed in the near future. This venue is not unlike what we saw Microsoft set up in at Mobile World Congress 2012 for their Windows 8 Consumer Preview event, so it is quite possible – if that's all we're going on – that more on the final Windows 8 release will be revealed today.

Check out what we've seen thus far here, and stay tuned to the live news feed as the event begins in just minutes!