Microsoft challenges Google's battery test, shows Edge better than Chrome

The battery test wars between Microsoft's Edge browser and Google's Chrome are far from over, it seems. The back-and-forth between the two web giants began in June when Microsoft showed that Edge outlasted not only Chrome, but Opera and Firefox as well when all were running on the same type of PC. Google retaliated last week, using the latest version of Chrome to prove that it came out on top in battery life. But now Microsoft is back, again claiming to be the best.

As Microsoft looks to prove the efficiency of its Edge browser and Windows 10 as a whole (especially with the recent Anniversary Update), it points out that Google's test last week was merely a comparison between an older version of Chrome and the latest release. It did not compare the browser against any other competitors, including Edge.

So, Microsoft has gone a re-created Google's test, using the exact same Vimeo clip and setting it to loop on the same hardware (a Surface Book), but also including Opera and Firefox as well. Here were the results:

Edge: 13:25:49

Chrome: 12:08:28

Opera: 9:37:23

Firefox: 8:16:49

But Microsoft went a step further and even re-created its battery test from June, which relied on looping a video streamed from Netflix as opposed to Vimeo. To little surprise, the test showed that Edge again came out on top:

Edge: 8:47:06

Opera 7:08:58

Chrome 6:03:54

Firefox 5:11:34

While these tests may or may not be very reflective of everyday use in real world situations, it's clear that Microsoft is desperate to prove that Edge is a major player, if not the best, in Windows 10 browser market. The company is even opening up the testing process for anyone to try, putting the exact test used on GitHub, and detailing the methodology that was followed.

SOURCE Windows Blog