Microsoft And HTC Battle Apple With iPad And iPhone Trade-In Programs

Though it's not immediately clear what Microsoft and HTC are doing with the devices they're taking in trade, they've both made clear this week that they're not about to let Apple have all the fun with an upgrade program for devices. Microsoft has launched a program specific to iPads and their own Surface tablets this week, noting that they'll be giving at least $199 for any iPad that's in generally OK working condition – in store credit, of course. Meanwhile HTC is accepting basically any smartphone you could possibly have, but are (starting this week as well), making sure their trade-in program centers on the iPhone and their own HTC One.

Back in February of this year HTC launched a similar HTC One-based trade-in program which allowed users to take up to $100 off their purchase of this newly headlining device. That program has since closed, but at the same time appears to have transformed into what we're seeing this week in the "HTC Trade Up" portal. Here you're able to trade in smartphones from around 50 brands – including "I Don't Know".

This HTC Trade Up program is combatting not only Apple's current trade-in programs, but the whole rest of the world too – they accept any iPhone from any generation: all the way back to the original. This program currently has an "iPhone Customer Exclusive" which includes a "get $150 or more" option for trading in an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 when you purchase an HTC One or HTC One mini. This program lasts from the 10th through the 30th of this month.

Meanwhile you'll find Microsoft's iPad program to be hitting up the iPad 2, iPad 3, or 4h generation iPad for Microsoft Store gift cards. This program encourages users to make the change-over to a Surface RT or Surface Pro slate – just before the company unveils their second-generation devices in kind. You'll find Microsoft's Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 event hitting the 23rd of September.

Apple's own iPhone trade-in program is also still in effect, with users able to bring in their previous-generation iPhone for a credit that must be used to purchase a new iPhone. Apple has a similar offering called the Apple Recycling Program which offers Apple Gift Cards online or 10% off a new iPod when you bring an old iPod in to an Apple Store to recycle.