McLaren to reveal Artura plug-in hybrid supercar on February 17

McLaren is all set to reveal its next-generation Artura hybrid supercar in a virtual event on February 17, 2021, 00:01 GMT. The British supercar maker gave the entire world an early glimpse of Artura in October last year, then known as the HPH or High-Performance Hybrid.

The automaker also revealed a dark silhouette teaser of the production Artura arriving next week, with the unmistakable curves and dips of a McLaren. We've seen the Artura in camouflage many times, and we like what's underneath its vinyl covering. It may or may not be the most beautiful McLaren ever made – no disrespect to the legendary F1, of course – but we're more interested in what lies underneath that curvy body shape.

The Artura will come with a next-gen hybrid V6 powertrain resting on McLaren's Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA). The carbon-fiber tub ensures a lightweight construction to deliver sharper handling, more extended range, and thrilling acceleration.

However, McLaren has yet to specify the numerical horsepower and torque figures for Artura. But if the McLaren P1 is anything to go by, we bet Artura will be just as quick and yet more capable (and less scary) around the bends than its predecessor. Artura will have a hybrid V6, unlike the P1's V8, but we reckon it's capable of rushing from zero-to-sixty faster than the P1's 2.8-second time.

The newest McLaren Artura can also run on all-electric power like the P1, although we wish it can go farther than the P1's 18-miles of all-electric range. According to McLaren, Artura is a plug-in hybrid with 'medium-range EV-only drive capability,' which means you can recharge the battery pack by plugging it in. McLaren is also working on new charging systems that allow faster charging and shorter waiting times.

Alas, you don't have to wait long to see McLaren's next-generation hybrid supercar. Register your interest here to view the live reveal on February 17 next week.