Mad Catz MOJO gaming console rolls with OUYA and 4K

Chris Burns - Jul 1, 2014
Mad Catz MOJO gaming console rolls with OUYA and 4K

As promised earlier this year, Mad Catz MOJO gaming console has been updated to include the OUYA gaming environment. This essentially means you can now download and open the OUYA app, gaining access to their wide variety of odd games developed specifically for their console. The OUYA gaming environment has been opened by the OUYA team in order to gain greater acceptance of the platform and their own OUYA hardware, a system very similar to the Mad Catz MOJO.

In this Mad Catz MOJO update, the Android-based gaming console runs with 4K UHD workability as well. Mad Catz suggests this week that they’re aiming to get a little ahead of the 4K rush – the point at which 4K UHD monitors and TVs are cheap enough for everyone to enjoy.

This update also allows “additional access” to the Google Play app store. Where before this update, quite a few games were blocked from download to MOJO, this update opens the floodgates as well as the OUYA addition. Good news if you plan on buying a MOJO, great news if you’ve already got one right this minute.

Also note that this system works with OnLive. This means you’ll be able to access games like Mortal Kombat (as shown above with a MacBook Pro via OnLive) for play on your home television. Unless you’ve got your PC hooked up to your home TV or you’ve got NVIDIA SHIELD rigged up, there’s really no other way to do this directly (with a system and a controller made by the same company) for $200 USD – have at it!

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