Lytro 3D joins visualizations roster for perspective-shift camera

We appear to be in an age where the way we capture photos – followed by the way we display them – is in a state of evolution. Today's update from the folks at Lytro unveils a new way to view the photos taken with the Lytro camera – you'll soon be able to see these photos displayed in 3D. With the light field camera created by Lytro, users will be able to see the photos they've captured and processed for Perspective Shift in full 3D mode with a variety of devices.

At the moment, Lytro suggests that users work with a 3D-capable TV to see this new feature in action. The "Lytro 3D experience" can be seen through two apps – Lytro Desktop 3.1 and Lytro Mobile 1.2 – but only through a 3D-capable TV. Your computer or smartphone must be displaying the images in one of these apps and connected to the TV with HDMI or Apple AirPlay.

The Lytro camera itself is currently up for sale at a variety of retailers – including through the Apple Store itself. This sort of sale setup is rare, Apple generally only selling accessories like printers, cases, and hard-drives through the hardware side of their store to match up with their OS X or iOS-running smart devices galore.

As Lytro suggests, they've created an experience which is the world's first one-button shoot to capture 3D photos for the average consumer. Meanwhile we're seeing solutions for expansion in the photography universe from groups like Panono for 360-degree panoramic photos and Neorocam for taking photos when you think. Every different way to capture a photo must be found!