Lytro iOS app arrives with WiFi-connected photo sharing

The Lytro miniature camera just received a fairly significant update today. The company just outed an accompanying iOS app that allows you to share the photos taken on a Lytro with your iOS device. From there, you can do all sorts of stuff that iOS will allow you to do, such as upload it to your Photo Stream or share it with a friend, as well as upload the photos to Lytro's website.

The addition of the iOS app inevitably enables WiFi support on the Lytro camera. Yes, apparently these oddly-shaped cameras have WiFi chips embedded on the inside, but remained unused until now. The iOS app, dubbed Lytro Mobile, allows you to see what's on the camera itself, as well as browse the photos you've taken on Lytro's website.

And of course, you can use the app to adjust the focal length of a picture, just like the desktop app. This one of the main features of the Lytro camera, and it allows you to choose what exactly is in focus in the picture after you take it, which is quite impressive, but probably not worth the camera's hefty $399 price tag.

Lastly, the iOS app lets you create animated GIFs from the photos you take by animating the different features of the Lytro camera. You can create a GIF of a photo going back and forth with its focusing, or apply "perspective shift," which will make a looping GIF from a still photo and make it look like you're moving the camera around.

The app also lets you browse other users' uploads, so even if you don't have a Lytro camera of your own, you can check out other people's creations through the app. It certainly beats spending $399 on a rather interesting piece of tech, especially when you can experience the photos first-hand without having to get your hands on the camera.

VIA: Lytro

SOURCE: iTunes App Store