Logitech Revue Google TV 2.0 update goes live

Logitech has begun pushing out the Google TV 2.0 update for the Logitech Revue, adding a refreshed UI, more comprehensive searching and – perhaps most importantly – Android Market access to the set-top box. Arriving as an automatic update, the Revue Android 3.1 update was announced as in the pipeline in late October, and is now finally in the wild, Logitech has confirmed.

Google TV 2.0 is the search giant's second significant bite at the smart TV market, after its first attempt failed to gain traction. Although the initial release was flexible and – if you had the right cable STB – worked reasonably well with multiple sources of content, the interface was confusing and the search system inconsistent.

This new version – already pushed out to Sony's Google TV range – tries to refine that experience, with a Quick Search Box that queries through TV content, online video, apps, bookmarks and regular web results. However, there's also a new TV & Movies app that focuses on video content, including over 80,000 titles from cable, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

Unfortunately, the new version has come too late to save the Revue line. Logitech confirmed last month that it had no plans to replace the first-gen Revue, after dismal sales left the company facing several quarters of sub-par financial performance.

As long as your Logitech Revue has a connection to the internet, you should see the new firmware update flagged up as available soon. Let us know how you get on in the comments.