Logitech to let Revue die out, no replacement coming

Like a lot of geeks out there, I had high hopes for the Logitech Revue box when I first heard about it. Those hopes quickly faded as many realized that the expensive set-top box had little to offer in the way of programming that couldn't be found elsewhere for much less. Who knows, had the box been able to access the free version of Hulu and other content perhaps things would have been different.

Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca was talking at an analysts and investors day this week and pulled no punches when talking about the pure fail that the Revue box turned out to be. The CEO called the entire Christmas 2010 launch "a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature." De Luca went on to say that Logitech would be letting inventory of the Revue run out this quarter. The price of the Revue was previously reduced to $99. I wonder if prices will go even lower.

After that stock of devices is gone, Logitech will not be making a replacement box. Interestingly de Luca called the software beta and noted it was far from ready at launch. That begs the question of why the device was launched at all. It's nice to see honesty, but someone should have though things through when the Revue was coming to market at an inflated price with no redeeming qualities.

[via TheVerge]