LG VRTX One VS Samsung VS oncoming virtual reality headset market

Three teams of creators have shaken hands to create the Vortex VR, a virtual reality headset that uses the LG G3 as its display. This device is a result of the combined efforts of 3D Systems, LG Electronics MobileComm USA, & VR pioneers GameFace Labs for headset hardware, the LG G3 smartphone, and software for this system respectively.

Unlike Google Cardboard, this device is made for the LG G3 specifically. We must assume that future iterations will be able to make use of more devices than just this one, but if Samsung sets the market, restrictions might stick. Samsung's headset will work with Samsung devices only – or so the rumored details suggest.

The Vortex VT "VRTX One" is what this device is called, coming with SKU VRTXONE001. The initial test unit weighs in at .5 kg on its own, with folded dimensions at 4 x 8 x 4 cm. That's without the phone inside, of course.

The VRTX One is a headset with two eye lenses on its back and a space for the LG G3 in its back. With compatible software, the LG G3 display is split and modified to create a 3D virtual reality experience for the user.

The official Vortex VR webspace suggests that they've got "9990 in stock" – though this could just be a preset number chosen randomly. It may also be that the manufacturing process has just begun.

Note that this is not the first time that a virtual reality headset has been made using a phone. Have a peek at our "neat, but not unique" guide from earlier this year.