LG tablet "GPAD" teased at G2 event looms

It would appear that it's not just Motorola that's getting (back) into the wearable smart devices business this week at LG's own trademark list leak tips several new units. What's spilled here in late July is a series of names: GPAD, G Hub, and G Glass, the first likely referring to none other than a brand new tablet. Remember the last time LG brought a tablet to the public?

It's been tipped that a new LG tablet of some sort would be coming here inside 2013. Though back in May a tipster's suggestion did not clarify whether the company would work with Windows or Android for its next slate push, we're guessing it's squarely in the latter corner at this point.

What with their re-dedication to the "G" brand family and tips of an LG G2 coming up quick. Expect one fewer camera than the original LG G-Slate this time around – 3D is all but dead, in that latitude.

In the company's latest reminder that the LG G2 will be coming soon, LG pushes "LG G Next", and fills in the blanks for the company's next aim: the user. Sound familiar?

It may very well be that we'll be seeing more than just the one device come August 7th. That's the date of the next big LG event, and the place we'll almost certainly be seeing the LG G2 for the first time – so to speak. Stay tuned for the next big LG wave!

VIA: PocketDroid