LG Tab-Book Windows 8 tablet/hybrid hits Korea with LTE this week

LG's convertible Windows 8 tablet/notebook hybrid will be hitting store shelves in Korea this week, the company has confirmed, freshly branded as the LG Tab-Book and packing LTE connectivity. Announced back in October 2012 as the H160, the Tab-Book runs Microsoft's full OS – not the RT version – on an Intel Core i5 processor, with a sliding 5-point multitouch display if you don't want to plug in an external mouse.

Unlike Sony's VAIO Duo 11, for instance, LG has opted not to include a trackpoint nub in the middle of the keyboard; instead, if you want to to interact with Windows 8, you'll have to reach up to the touchscreen. Still, you do get a clever auto-sliding mechanism, opening up the display and revealing the keyboard.

As for the display itself, that's an 11.6-inch IPS LCD panel boasting 178-degree viewing angles. Connectivity includes USB, an HDMI port, and a microSD card slot, as well as the LTE radio and the usual WiFi and Bluetooth. LG has previously claimed that the H160 will run for up to ten hours on a full charge.

What LG isn't discussing is pricing, nor specific availability outside of Korea. It's also perhaps telling that the company is yet to announce any plans to make a Windows RT tablet; currently options for those wanting the ARM-variant of Microsoft's OS – which trades app compatibility for power frugality – are limited, with Microsoft's own Surface RT the best-known model.