LG Optimus G2: so thin it can’t use buttons

Chris Burns - Apr 18, 2013, 3:55pm CDT
LG Optimus G2: so thin it can’t use buttons

If you weren’t excited about the next edition of LG’s hero device by now, the following news should spark your interest: apparently this smartphone is going to be so thin that it wont have room for a power button or volume buttons around its sides. With news of the LG Optimus G2 coming in from South Korean news sources that may or may not be entirely reliable, the concept certainly seems intriguing enough to be possible: could it be? The framework of this next-generation device is said to be such that the left, right, top, and bottom will have a completely non-traditional button layout.

While the LG Optimus G was so impressive that Google hired LG to make them their own in the Google Nexus 4, the G2 has to step things up a notch. With the 2013 wave of smartphones out-doing the G with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processors (in the HTC One and Samsung GALAXY S 4), it wont just be the body that’s getting a cut. LG has also been tipped to be including Qualcomm’s best yet: the Snapdragon 800.

The LG Optimus G2 is being quoted as containing the following today, straight from the source speaking with MyDrivers. The physical design of this device may be the biggest change, but the final build will be one heck of a whopper!

LG Optimus G2

• 5-inch display, 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution
• 13 megapixel camera back-facing, 2.1 megapixel front
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor
• Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
• LG User Interface
• Worldwide Launch

Have a peek at our LG Optimus G Pro hands-on experience as well as our original review of the LG Optimus G and get ready for the next coming of LG. This device should be revealed by the time Summer has begun, but no confirmation has yet been given by LG. Stay tuned!

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22 Responses to LG Optimus G2: so thin it can’t use buttons

  1. With all these fantastic phones coming out this year (gs4, HTC one, lg optimus, Pantech), why would anyone choose the lame iPhone.

      • What’s there to integrate? I chose, because I can, to use Google Mail, Drive, Calendar, Apps (btw Docs is outstanding for online collaboration), Chrome syncing etc.. they all work very well together. What more integration would I want? I can use them across devices (big tablets, small tablets, big phones, small phones, desktops, STBs), from many manufacturers, across pretty much any OS.

        I can’t help thinking, this “tightest integration” you mention – it is just an excuse to alleviate the pain and inconvenience of being tied to a single proprietary system with very limited device choice and with a huge penalty for leaving. Wait till they change the connector again. “This changes everything. Again”

        • I don’t get it.

          Any content you buy at Google Play under your account you can access on all your Google devices – including, as I said, STBs – so what’s different with Apple TV?

          You have DLNA, and the screen casting technologies (dammit – can’t remember their names – Miracast and another one) in Android.

        • If you have an Apple TV can you use an Android device with it? I’m just curious, I don’t own an iPhone (or any Apple product) and never will.

        • I don’t think so – Airplay has been reverse engineered by the linux community but in terms of support (out-of-the-box and otherwise) in Android, there isn’t any AFAIK.
          Airplay isn’t standards based and is proprietary – even has some weak encryption IIRC, so it’s unlikely to ever appear officially on Android.

        • Actually – I just checked the Play Store and it seems that my N7 finds a few Airplay apps – at least one can send to an Airplay device (like the Apple TV), and there are a few Airplay receiver apps (i.e. the app will receive and audio stream from an iPad).

        • Interesting. I guess there’s very little argument for the iPhone’s integration then. The only thing I can really see stopping someone from moving from one phone OS to another is if they already bought a bunch of apps (and I feel like most people don’t have a lot of paid apps).

  2. Can we have the fucking drivers this time LG. You definitely dropped the ball on the G2-X .

    Thank You

    • eh? didn’t know anyone actually bought any LG phone before nexus 4 and optimus G series LOL. They were that horrendous back then!

  3. This is ridiculous. Just saying.

    Those button positions are horrendous and would be a nightmare to use.

    Phones are already overthin. Start adding more battery you stupid sods.

  4. Crazy and stupid. Imagine the cases!! Who wants awkward humps sticking out of the back of their phones that aren’t cameras?? I know not everyone has a case on their phone, but I would say at least 70% of people do. This is a cool concept, but extremely unrealistic.

  5. My drawing is even thinner, more innovative and my phone will fold and hide into the 7th dimension.

  6. I love my LG Optimus G but I do not agree with having the buttons placed in the back on the next generation Optimus G :'(

  7. This looks like one bad a** phone. The good thing about being so thin is that you can put a protective, kick stand equipped cover on it and it won’t be a brick. With a super thin bezel this phone might even be smaller than the S4 and still have a bigger screen. Hopefully the 800 processor will start make things like miracast work well.

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