LG G Watch R circular smartwatch teased for next week

Chris Davies - Aug 24, 2014, 10:06am CDT
LG G Watch R circular smartwatch teased for next week

LG’s next smartwatch, the LG G Watch R, is set to make its debut at IFA 2014, a freshly-revealed video teaser has confirmed, with a circular design to directly challenge Motorola’s wearable. The watch, expected to run Android Wear just as is the case with the existing LG G Watch, is for the most party a mystery in terms of features, but does push LG’s design language far further in the direction of more traditional timepieces.

The LG G Watch announced at Google I/O was, as our review found, functionally capable but hardly aesthetically exciting. In fact, with its squared-off design, it was more reminiscent of a developer device than of a consumer product.

In contrast, though it’s only being readied for release in the next few weeks, the Moto 360 garnered far more attention. Despite its specifications being largely the same as LG’s version, courtesy of them both running Android Wear, the fact that it had an unusual circular display meant many would-be adoptees opted to hold out for the Motorola.

Moto 360

That decision may well change when LG unveils its second-gen smartwatch at the Berlin show early next month.

Details in the teaser video – which is unlisted, but which Engadget was tipped on – are scant, but there are some details to be gleaned. There’s a step-counter watchface, as well as a distance gage and a digital compass.

There’s also a physical button on the side, which is a welcome addition given the G Watch had no easily-accessed controls (only a recessed power/reset switch which had to be stabbed with a pen-tip).

Unclear at this stage is whether, like the Moto 360, the LG G Watch R’s face will be marred slightly with a notched portion where Motorola’s LCD driver is located. Previous rumors had suggested LG’s new model would use an OLED display instead of LCD.

We’ll know more at IFA 2014, with SlashGear headed out to the show very soon.

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