LG G Flex bags IF Product Design 2014 gold award

The curved LG G Flex was just named as one of the IF Product Design 2014 awardees, with the distinction of being one of the exclusive IF Gold Award recipients. This gives a probably much needed thumbs up for the rather eccentric smartphone, which still has to reach critical mass.

The recent flood of device announcements and launches might have pushed the G Flex out of everyone's minds. Unveiled October last year, the G Flex was LG's answer to an earlier announced Samsung Galaxy Gear in the arena of curved smartphones, an artificially created device category for boasting off the manufacturers' prowess with flexible displays. However, whether Samsung and LG really expect the devices to catch on, both smartphones have been met with a rather lukewarm reception and a heap of criticism.

This award, then, comes as a sort of vindication of LG's design. The IF Product Design award is given annually by the IF International Forum Design for outstanding products. The best of the best among different categories is are given the label of Gold. Recipients will be allowed to use the IF label to advertise their distinction as an outstandingly designed product.

Not that the G Flex really needs it. In both our reviews of the device as well at its AT&T incarnation, we've found that the G Flex, as a smartphone, is reputable. The display resolution could have been better, but the rest of the specs were pretty up to par. That said, we remained undecided on whether the curved shape is an icing on top or a liability.

LG could use this chance to boast of the superiority of the G Flex, but with dozens of other products in the IF category, that might not matter that much. If by now the LG G Flex still hasn't the degree of market demand that most flagships enjoyed, then no award will probably be enough to keep this device category alive.