Let's Try: Google's Lip Swap for Android

Google has a face-swap app that goes by the name Lip Swap. It's terrifying. You're going to need to have a peek at it if you're going to understand the horror and the glee that comes with trying it out. This app was born of the same glorious experimental minds that brought you today's Inside Abbey Road Google Cardboard release, allowing you to tour the legendary sound studio. This is not like that.

The terror you'll feel when you get going with Lip Swap will be real. It'll move your mind in ways you did not think were possible. In this app you'll be able to "talk through your eyes" and "look through your mouth."

I can't imagine why you'd want to do either of these things, but you're certainly invited to test your might of will by downloading and loading this app from Google Play. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul.

This app was originally made as part of Android Experiments. Android Experiments is an initiative which challenges developers to create new and innovative types of apps which break ground on how an app is used and what an app can be used for. Over at Android Experiments homepage you'll find a whole litany of oddities that'll blow your socks off.

If you're a developer and are interested in getting in Google's good graces with their Android Experiments I/O Challenge. Therein you'll find a way to get to Google I/O with a full ride – you'll just need to create something spectacular.

What's more – you can tear this app apart yourself if you wish, as it's been posted in its entirety to Github. Head over to the Lipswap on Github listing to see all the little bits and pieces. Let us know if you build something new!