Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro pit against Macbook Air in new Microsoft ad

Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro notebook is thin, it's transformable, and it would appear to be Microsoft's newest favored son as it does battle with the MacBook Air in Microsoft's newest TV ad spot. This device is thinner than the MacBook Air. It's able to bend backwards far enough to turn itself into a tablet. It's got a touchscreen. It's also very similar looking to the MacBook Air from afar – but they really couldn't be more difference, when it comes down to it.

This comes after Microsoft launched a number of Surface Pro 3 ads vs MacBook Air ads, suggesting the brand knows exactly which customers it's aiming for. They're all also rather simple and stark in nature, really very similar to the style Apple itself chooses for its advertisement angle.

What you'll notice in this ad is the fact that you're starting with the same video screen – screen images are simulated, of course, but it's important first for Microsoft to establish that these are both notebook computers. They're both capable of very similar things. They're both on even ground, from the start.

Next you'll see the Yoga 3 Pro beating out the MacBook Air with a 13mm thin body while the Apple device has 17mm to its name. This video spot goes on to highlight the transformational powers the Yoga 3 Pro has that the MacBook Air does not:

• Tablet mode

• "Tent" mode

• a Touchscreen

Above you'll also see the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro's hinge. Notice how it's sort of like a watchband? It's extremely unique, that's for certain.

We'll be getting busy with our full review of the Yoga 3 Pro soon. For now you'll want to check our most recent MacBook Air review in the MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Review as well as our Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro hands-on. Make your own judgements for now, then step back when we're ready with the Yoga soon!