LEGO Maker program aims to put robotic bricks in creators' hands

LEGO announces their next effort to engage the creators of the world with LEGO "prototyping kits". These kits will be sent out to 50 "makers" as a part of their "Are You a LEGO Maker?" program, encouraging people to create the most innovative pieces of industrial design they can conjure up. With LEGO bricks, of course. LEGO is also providing makers access to a LEGO MINDSTORMS Expert Builder "who can offer suggestions and guidance" as well as inspiration from the Lemelson Center.

What LEGO is providing to people who make the cut in this program is a kit that includes two things. First, a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit – see below for more information on what that is. Second – thousands of LEGO bricks with which to expand their robotic dreams.

NOTE: Have a peek at our original LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit review for more information on this robotic brick-friendly machine.

Below you'll see the story of a LEGO Maker by the name of Cameron Kruse. When he made his baseball mudder prototype with LEGO pieces, he was but a batboy. Now he's a genetic researcher.

While LEGO isn't promising that you'll become a genetic researcher if you first become a Maker, it really couldn't hurt.

LEGO regularly participates in the National Maker Faire and the National Week of Making. LEGO has been inspiring creative builders around the world with interlocking bricks for the past 66 years, and with wooden bricks and toys of all sorts since 1932.

In September of 2014, LEGO became the World's Top Toymaker. In February of 2015, LEGO replaced Ferrari as the "World's most powerful brand" according to Forbes.

Now they're in a perfect position to encourage inventors, builders and creative types of all kinds to create anything they've got on their mind with gears, motors, and bricks.