Kmart confirm PS3 price cuts and impending new model

Chris Davies - Aug 18, 2009, 3:19 am CDT
Kmart confirm PS3 price cuts and impending new model

Hot on the heels of FYE’s apparent PS3 price cuts comes a prominent new banner on Kmart’s website confirming “The rumors are reality”.  According to the retailer, there’s a “new low price and a new exciting Playstation 3”; it seems their banner designer is yet to alert their pricing team to that fact, though, as clicking through takes you to the existing, non-discounted prices.

Unfortunately the image Kmart have used for their banner is of the existing PS3, and there’s no sign of any detail about the “new exciting” model they tip.  It seems a fair assumption that they’re referring to the much-rumored PS3 Slim, which we’re expecting Sony to announce later on today at a press conference in Germany.

The new model isn’t expected to arrive in stores for a while, however, with a pre-holiday release predicted.  Retailers are expected to discount existing stock to clear shelves before then; FYE, for instance, are reducing the PS3 by $100.

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