KegDroid Proves ICS And NFC Beer-Drinking Prowess

There's nothing like an awesome implementation of Android to get you pumped up about the potential of the software platform, especially when it involves beer. What we're looking at right here is a beast called KegDroid, and what it does is serve beer with the help of Android. All you need is an NFC-laden smartphone and a Google+ account – this machine uses a Motorola XOOM tablet for its basic Android interface and collects your info via NFC to check that you're at least 21 years of age. If you're verified, you get beer!

This is of course one of a litany of odd and awesome implementations of Android we've seen over the few years Android has been on the scene – and it's very likely the most delicious. Created by Google employee Paul Carff, this machine goes by the name Betsey and currently resides down in California at Carff's home. You'll get the whole lo-down from Carff himself in the video he's had filmed in his own home-brewing abode.

We're likely going to see facial recognition in the future, different sized droids for those who love more than two kinds of beer, and of course a root beer iteration. We're hoping to see one of these masterpieces down at Google I/O this year if at all possible! Unfortunately though at the moment it appears that Carff will be keeping the tech to himself – make one yourself!

[via Android Community]