JooJoo arrives, is unboxed, is really real!

Conspiracy theorists start your engines: either the JooJoo really is shipping, or Fusion Garage have crafted a special unit just for Engadget to unbox and are sitting, sniggering behind their hands at our ongoing gullibility.  Mere days before the iPad is set to hit shelves, the contentious JooJoo has finally arrived and – going by the demo video which you can see after the cut – it even works, too.

Fusion Garage announced late last month that the JooJoo was (finally) shipping to preorder customers, though there was speculation about exactly how big a group of people that actually was.  The whole project has been laced with difficulty; the company initially partnered with TechCrunch to product the so-called CrunchPad, but the relationship broke down and resulted in ongoing legal spats.

Engadget are promising a full review once they've had a chance to play with the JooJoo a little, a move which is already whipping up their comments section into a frenzy (so much so, in fact, that they've turned them off).  To be honest, while iPad-Eve isn't maybe the best time to get your gadget out there, it's perfect if you want to go head to head on functionality with what's likely to be the biggest attention-guzzler of the moment, the iPad.