iWatch leak "verified": details show 2 sizes

We've had some epic chats about the iWatch over the weekend, centering mostly on the way the device will fit in to your daily life. As such, the leak this morning which suggests the iWatch will come in more than one size doesn't seem all that out-of-order. A doubling-up of "confirmation" of this leak of images is also turning up some interest.

As @JackGMarch suggests, the Reddit leak from this morning of this supposed set of iWatch pieces matches up with internal slides from Quanta. If an employee at Quanta did indeed leak these images, it would fit in well with past reports that Quanta was working on iWatch development. From there, we can take a peek at the images as "likely" having been summoned from somewhere along the iWatch development path.

The possibilities here include:

• Final iWatch components

• Test Enclosure components

• Parts from random machines that have nothing to do with iWatch

Supposing the leaker at Reddit is correct, the iWatch will have the following features:

• Mic

• Speaker

• Siri

• "flexible" touchscreen "will add a new dimension to the UI"

• 1+ day battery

• No ports (wireless charging likely)

• Release not finalized

• Waterproof to 20m

• 2 sizes

• 4 color combinations

• Sensor plate (like Samsung's Gear Live)

BONUS: the name of the leaker is OwenCarlyle, a character from the Gossip Girl series of novels. Gossip Girl is both a novel series and a TV show about a set of well-off New York residents whose lives are being effectively "leaked" to the web via a character called "Gossip Girl."