Is your PlayStation Vita fixed?

When a gaming company apologizes for a device they've released, you know good and well that they're at the mercy of their customers – this is just what's happened with Sony's PlayStation Vita not one week after its release in Japan, and a firmware fix does appear to be on the way. Reports surrounded the launch of 300,000 device sold in just the first weekend of its release, and since then (three days, approximately), complaints about unresponsive touchscreens, freezes, and crashes have mounted to a level that Sony's found it necessary to offer up an apology. Future users should take comfort in the idea that this may well only be a temporary set of issues, mind you, which should be fixed up in time for 2012 to roll around – our question for you current users is this: are you having troubles right this minute?

While some have said they're experiencing similar problems to those described in the Japanese release of this device, it is only the Japanese PR who have had to apologize and promise an update imminently. In this statement they let it be known that they do recognize the handful of bits that need to be fixed and that they're working on them now. have a peek at a bit of the statement translated to English here:

"Currently, our information centre regarding PlayStation Vita as well as our usual customer service centre are receiving many enquiries. We apologise if your phone isn't connected straight away. Some issues regarding PlayStation Vita can be addressed by simple procedures at home [via our usual Q and A website.]" – Sony

Have you been having trouble with your device since you purchased it this past week or earlier on? Did you purchase a device that was straight from Sony, or did you get one internationally through a third party? How has your Sony PlayStation Vita experience been thus far, folks?