Sony issues update and apology for PS Vita freeze and touch screen issues

Sony's much anticipated PlayStation Vita portable gaming device has just launched in Japan over the weekend and the company has already issued an apology along with a software update. New owners have been reporting problems with unresponsive touch screens and system freezes, among other issues of which users have begun tweeting and posting their experiences in videos to YouTube.

The system freezes appear to occur when users attempt to do a system update. And when the PS Vita freezes up, it cannot shutdown for some despite holding down the power button. The touch screen has been reported to be unresponsive at times and there are also reports that the PS Vita cannot shutdown during online play and cannot power up after charging.

It's not certain if the majority of new PS Vita owners experienced these issues, but it seemed widespread enough and Sony may have been aware of these issues since it quickly released a software update along with an apology. With the PS Vita not due here in the US until February 22, Sony will hopefully be able to iron out most of the kinks before the device hits stateside.

[via Engadget]