Is the Galaxy S7 the best phone VS iPhone, LG G5, and S6?

Today we're delivering a battle between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its most-viewed and/or most battle-requested smartphones on the market. That'll be the LG G5, which also isn't out on the market yet, the Galaxy S6 – the predecessor to the S7, and the iPhone. In this case we're pairing the device up with the iPhone 6S, since we don't yet know what'll be coming with the iPhone 7. For now we'll have to settle with the devices that are the best either on the market today or will be very, very soon.

First you're going to have to weigh this purchase against the Samsung Galaxy S6. That device has been on the market for around a year now, and now that the Galaxy S7 is coming soon, you'll probably be able to purchase the S6 at a significant discount.

With that you'll need to weigh the fact that you wont get the biggest and best updates in the universe anymore – and that all marketing will be focusing on the device you're using's replacement. That'll be bittersweet.

On the positive side, the Samsung Galaxy S6 works with the Samsung Gear VR, and the Gear VR that's out now is the same as the one you can get for free with the Galaxy S7.

So that won't be going out of style for updates or access to VR apps any time soon.

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Next you'll want to check out the futuristic powers of the LG G5. On the surface – based on these specifications alone – you'll find these two devices to be very, very similar. Extremely similar.

In reality, they're quite different.

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Both the Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 have virtual reality headsets available – we're not sure when the LG G5's headset will be coming out, but chances are it'll join the G5 very soon after launch.

Samsung works with Oculus for their VR platform and they've been investing a LOT of time and effort into making their Gear VR platform huge.

So they've certainly got the edge there.

Finally, the iPhone.

If you consider the LG G5 and the Galaxy S7 to be quite different from one another, this iPhone comparison must seem silly. These two devices might look SORT of similar, but they run totally different software, and every app you purchase on one will never transfer to the other's ecosystem in the future.

In short, if you already own an iPhone, you'll probably just want to stick to an iPhone. if you already own an Android device, you'll probably be better off with the Galaxy S7 (or another Android, however you decide).

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