iPod touch to pack iPhone 5 Retina but slower chip tip insiders

Apple's iPhone 5 event will share stage time with a new range of iPods, with further details on the updated PMPs slipping out in advance of the big unveil. A refresh to the iPod touch was already expected, as well as capacity changes to other iPod models, with the most obvious difference being a 1136 x 640 Retina Display as per the iPhone 5.

Internally, the new iPod touch – the iPod5,1 – is apparently known as the N78, according to 9to5Mac and arch-insider Chronic. It also uses a slightly less powerful chipset than that expected to crop up in the iPhone 5, the S5L8942X rather than the S5L8950X.

Exactly how big the power difference will be is unclear at this stage, though it's unlikely to have a significant impact for users of the new iPod touch. It's still expected to be powerful enough to run the panorama camera feature spotted in iOS 5 code back in November 2011, but never subsequently released.

As for the other new iPods, the tweaked iPod nano is apparently internally known as the N31, while the new iPod shuffle is the N12B. Previous leaks suggested they will each be available in eight different color options.

Apple's lengthening of the iPod touch makes sense given the iPhone 5 is widely tipped to gain a near-4-inch screen with a more panoramic aspect ratio. That will mean new screen resolution apps, with Apple likely keen to retain parity there between the smartphone and media player ranges.

Other changes are expected to include the new, smaller dock connector, which Apple is rumored to use to more tightly control the third-party accessory market. On the flip side, however, it may also mean that Apple can further shrink its models even more.