iOS 5's hidden Panorama mode uncovered

It's well known that iOS 5, Apple's current iteration of its mobile operating system includes a camera application and functionality built in – what you might NOT have known is that there's a hidden feature in there by the name of Panorama. While such a tiny feature might not strike the fancy of your everyday average mobile device user using, for example, Android, here in iOS such a revelation can be life-changing. What this official Panorama mode signifies is more than just the ability to capture long areas of space with your iPhone or iPad 2, it shows that Apple doesn't always keep its tiny secrets hidden – let the searching continue!

Of course to find this feature, you're going to need to jailbreak your device, and for those of you unfamiliar with that term, it means hacking is involved. The vast majority of iPhone users have never even considered hacking their device because doing so doesn't show as much promise for a great time as never having to answer to an Apple Genius does, but those select few can find the feature with a bit of digging. You'll need iOS 5, Firebreak from Cydia, and all you've got to do is tap your screen inside the camera app. Imagine that!

Of course this is aside all the other Panoramic apps already in the market, note that you can grab these at a moments notice instead of hacking, once again. What you've got here on the other hand again is an officially created-by-Apple feature though, so check it out! But don't hack, because hacking is bad. That's our official stance on the subject.

[via 9to5Mac]