iPod nano gets iFixit teardown treatment

We've seen the iPod touch and the iPod shuffle bare their silicon souls under iFixit's relentless gaze; now it's the turn of the final new 2010 iPod, the iPod nano, to get torn apart.  iFixit has flexed its usual screwdriver and spudger – together with a heat gun to melt the glue that holds the screen in place – and discovered that the nano's guts are a 50/50 mixture of logic board and battery.

That's basically as they found inside the shuffle, though of course the nano's logic board is more complex so as to include the necessary driver for the 1.54-inch touchscreen display.  Along the way they've come across the usual flourishes: for instance, the glass protrudes 0.3mm from the chassis of the nano, which they assume is to allow Apple to keep the main body of the iPod as narrow as possible.

Interestingly, at 220ppi the iPod nano's display has the second highest pixel density of any Apple device, just falling behind the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and fourth-gen iPod touch.  If you'd rather know how the nano holds up as a media player, of course, check out our full review from earlier this week.