iPod Touch 4th Generation Torn Apart by iFixit

No surprises here: iFixit is tearing down the iPod Touch 4th generation, and they're having fun the whole way through. As always, the fine folks over there are finding just how you'd go about taking your brand new iPod Touch apart, if ever you'd have to get something done within the case, and felt like doing it yourself. Or, had to do it yourself (for whatever reason). The teardown itself is still happening as of this writing, but there's already a few interesting things to take away from it.

First up is that display. The display still rocks the 640 x 960 resolution, and it's still an LCD. And, it is fused to the external glass of the device. Perhaps that's not too much of a shock to most, considering the iPhone 4 has the same design. What's also noteworthy, so far, is that iFixit says this is the easiest iPod Touch they've ever gotten into. Which is a stark difference compared to the iPod Shuffle 4th Gen, which they went through yesterday.

They've also noted that Apple took a lot of effort into the battery area of the device. There is an 11-gram EMI shield between the front part of the device, and the battery itself. That equals up to 10 percent of the iPod Touch's overall weight, right there. It seems that the battery was a main focus for Apple this time around, which isn't a bad thing at all. Go ahead and head through the source link below to follow the teardown as it happens.

[via iFixit]