iPhone 7 to keep 3.5mm headphone port claims new leak

Apple has a long history making your favorite accessories obsolete with new models of the iPhone. It did this when it went from the larger 30-pin charge and sync connector to the new Lightning port. Everyone had to buy new accessories like docking stations and car chargers or use an ugly adapter. Rumors originating from leaks of cases seen claiming to be for the iPhone 7 hinted that Apple might again obsolete your accessories by removing the 3.5mm headphone adapter. That might not be the case with another rumor surfacing this week.

The latest rumor comes in the form of a leaked image that claims to show internals from the iPhone 7. Cleary in that image we can see a 3.5mm headphone jack. The image shows this claimed iPhone 7 part next to an iPhone 6S part and they look virtually identical, but different enough to support the part being for a different iPhone model.

The source of this rumor, like all other rumors, is unverified. There were many iPhone fans out there who hated the thought of losing their 3.5mm port. Headphones are often the most expensive accessories that people purchase running hundreds of dollars for some models. Leaving the headphones unusable with future iPhones would be an annoyance for many.

Among other rumors about the iPhone 7 that have surfaced are indications that the antenna lines will be redesigned and the battery will get larger. The next iPhone is also tipped for dual cameras. Other rumors also claim that the big new feature for the upgraded iPhone will be the use of a Samsung OLED display. At least one analyst sees nothing of note in the iPhone 7 upgrade and predicts that nothing attractive will come with the update and shipments will fall.