iPhone 6s display detailed in video, supports Force Touch claims

A new video has surfaced from a repair shop specializing in iPhone parts that compares the alleged display from the "iPhone 6s" and the existing display from the iPhone 6. While the differences aren't immediately clear, as both have the same size dimensions and placements of the forward-facing camera and proximity sensor, there are a few new details, namely supporting the rumors that the next iPhone will indeed have Force Touch functionality.

The video comes from MacManiack, which shows that the new display now has a connector in the top-left corner which isn't present on the iPhone 6's front panel. Along with a redesigned flex connector, this new part is described as being a component for Force Touch, the feature that allows different levels of touch pressure on the screen to act as different gestures.

Other small details revealed in the video are that Touch ID is integrated with the LCD and digitizer connector, and that the protective plate is glued to the back of the LCD. Should the display from the video really be a leaked part from an "iPhone 6s," it solidifies that this year's iPhone will feature a form factor nearly identical to the previous generation.

We've also heard from an anonymous source that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be 0.2mm thicker than last year's. This is likely to account for the extra space needed for Force Touch components, as has previously been speculated. Apple's yearly September announcement event is currently expected on Wednesday, September 9th, where it will also likely include a new Apple TV and refreshed iPads.

SOURCE MacManiack