iPhone 5S hardware dummy appears aside iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

All the way across the pond in Vietnam a collection of photos of both of the two tipped imminent iPhone releases have appeared, both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in all their (dummy model) glory. These images appear through Tinh te, a publication notorious for such case-maker model leaks, and depict the iPhone collection for Apple as it'll likely be lined up later this year. Take heed: the iPhone 5 is wearing a case of its own, but you'll be able to tell the basics from this set nonetheless.

As expected, the iPhone 5S appears nearly identical to the iPhone 5 save several small distinctions. The first is the previously rumored dual-LED flash on the back of the iPhone 5S. Where every iPhone that's had a back-facing flash thus far has used a single bulb, this next-generation device is aiming to up the ante with a double-dose of bright light.

Remind yourself as we're running these comparisons down that these devices are quite likely case-maker dummy models, this meaning the final product could very well end up significantly different up-close and personal. Colors are likely quite close, and the locations of buttons are more that likely in their right positions, but detailing will be more precise.

Up front you'll find a long line atop the iPhone 5S' display in place of a short line and dot, this suggesting Apple is pushing for a slightly simpler (ever so slightly, that is) design with a single hole rather than two for the earphone speaker and single sensor. The front-facing camera on the iPhone 5S appears to be positioned slightly higher than before and works with a smaller opening than the iPhone 5.

The same is true of the back-facing camera, both lens ports being slightly smaller than their predecessors'. It's not clear at the moment why such a change would be in order, save for a different camera set up front and behind. The bottoms of both devices appear to be exceedingly similar – so similar that we'd estimate any differentiation would be due to the maker of the dummy's slightly inaccurate machining.

Meanwhile the so-called iPhone 5C looks and feels (to the photographer) to be essentially the same size as the iPhone 5 (and 5S), save its rounded sides and plastic delivery – not unlike that of the iPhone 3GS, an piece of hardware all but lost to time (yes, the iPhone has already been plastic).

The bottom of the iPhone 5C also appears to have room for a Lightning port, headphone jack, and one speaker grille rather than two. Also appearing on the 5C is a single hole where the iPhone 5's second speaker grille would be situated, here likely playing host to a microphone where the iPhone 5S's may be hidden amongst the array of aluminum-drilled holes.

How accurate to you think these dummy models will really end up being? Based on the leak and tip wave that's been summoned over the past few weeks, it would appear that these photos are showing an especially accurate vision of the future, one that'll likely appear at an Apple event inside the next few months. Sound like a reasonable assumption to you?