iPad 5 pops up aside iPhone 5C in video turnover

This week we're bound to see another massive collection of Apple device leaks, not least of all because we're coming up on a period where it's likely Apple will hold an event to release a new smartphone, smartphones, or tablet. Or even a couple of tablets if the rumor mill turns out to ring true. What we're seeing today is what's being called the 5th generation iPad as well as the iPhone 5C.

Though we've heard very little of the smartphone in this particular leak set, the iPad has all but seen the light of day over the past few weeks, hardware and all. Here the leakster takes pieces of what appear to be the iPad 5 and puts them together part-by-part. You'll quickly see the iPad 5 coming together as a close relative of the iPad mini 1st gen slate.

In the 5th generation iPad it's expected that Apple will bring out a machine that's very similar in thinness and shape to the one and only iPad mini. The iPad mini, meanwhile, is said not to be staying a "one and only" type situation for long. Instead a second generation has been tipped to be appearing for some months.

A release of the iPad mini and/or larger iPad any time between here and November would put both devices off of their standard release schedule once again. While the iPhone has seen regular updates over the past several years, the 3rd gen iPad was released in March of 2011, then the 4th gen iPad was booted without fanfare (and with a Lightening port) in November of 2012. It was at that time that the iPad mini was also released.

Also appearing today, again, is the iPhone 5C. This name has appeared only in the past several weeks while rumor of a plastic-backed, aka "budget" iPhone, have persisted for years. The iPhone 5C being shown here appears to take on that mantel, bringing bits and pieces that look to belong to a smartphone similar in size to the standard iPhone 5, but here with a not-so-high-end metal back.

It's also expected that this device will be delivered in a variety of colors per Apple's previous releases of devices like the iPod.

VIA: MacRumors, Sonny Dickson