iPhone 5S and the "budget" iPhone: should you wait for Summer?

This week it's become apparent that not only has Apple begun production on the next-generation iPhone model, they've already set a general date range for revealing said device. With the smartphone we must assume will be called iPhone 5S, Apple has been tipped to be going forward with a design that had definite Steve Jobs input, this suggesting the idea that the iPhone 5 body will remain in-tact.

According to recent job listings from Apple, Siri will once again be getting a boost in abilities. The whole of iOS is also being given an overhaul of sorts – definitely a real possibility now that Jony Ive is working on the software end of things along with his role as lead industrial designer.

The next version of the software will quite likely be toned-down as far as 3D effects – Ive has been notoriously against such textures and bumps, opting instead for flat, modern design in all things. According to the same set of tips, Apple has moved a number of developers over from OS X 10.9 to iOS 7 so that they'll be able to finish work on the system by the time the next iPhone is revealed and released.

There's also still talk of an inexpensive iPhone hitting the market this summer. Such a phone would cost less than the current iPhone and would work with materials that allow said phone to be constructed for a cost far smaller than the iPhone 5. Plastics, that is. Multi-colored plastics at that.

Have a peek at the iPhone 5S timeline below for more information leaked, tipped, or otherwise on the possibilities this summer holds!