Apple looking to bolster Siri cred, according to job listings

It's not surprising, obviously, but it seems Apple is wanting to boost the accuracy and performance of Siri, the company's voice-controlled personal assistant of sorts. Apple posted up 12 job listings over the weekend, all of which relate to Siri. Most of the positions are rather vague on what exactly the involvement is with Siri on a consumer level, but they hint at some features that may come to the voice-controlled personal assistant.

Such positions include a Speech Operations Engineer, who will be responsible for deploying large-scale server infrastructures, as well as a few Siri Software Engineers who will "help build out new areas of expertise for Siri, expanding the product's capabilities for millions of users," which suggest that further compatibility with more apps may be in the books.

There's also a position for a Siri Integration Engineer, who will be responsible for prioritizing "incoming feature enhancements and functionality regressions that may arise, ensuring that the tickets are appropriately categorized," which means that they would be responsible for troubleshooting new Siri features as they come along.

The Siri Interaction Designer job listing probably gives the biggest clue that Apple is looking to go all-in with Siri. This position will involve extending Siri's "capabilities, knowledge, and intelligence." Again, it's not too surprising that Apple is improving on Siri, but it points to the fact that after introducing Siri in 2011 with the iPhone 4S, the company may finally be conducting a full-scale overhaul of the service. Of course, this isn't the first job listing to hint at Siri improvements. There was a job listing back in January that would see Siri act more like a "distinct, recognizable character."

[via Fast Company]