Apple job listing hints at major Siri improvements

While Apple's Siri wasn't as great as advertised, the company has been committed to improving the voice service ever since its launch. So, it may come as no surprise then that Apple is looking for a jolly-good fellow to help the company make some changes to Siri and breathe more life into the service. A new job posting on Apple's website gives us a few details on what the future will look like for Siri.9to5Mac stumbled upon the job posting and saw that the company was looking for someone to help improve Siri and evolve her into more of "a distinct, recognizable character." The company is looking for specifically for a creative writer skilled in character-driven dialog, and this new employee will help out existing Siri content, as well as "develop and write original dialog to support new Siri capabilities."

Siri is still in beta mode, per se, so Apple is no doubt looking for more fresh blood to bring onto their campus to help improve on the voice service. And while Siri is good at her search capabilities and helping folks easily find out the information they need, Siri's quick wit and clever dialog is just as important — her ability to resemble human characteristics is one of the key element that makes Siri special.

The job description doesn't look to demanding, however, but Apple does want someone who is both proficient in English and character-driven dialog, as well as familiar with software engineering tools. We're guessing Apple will get a lot of resumes sent their way for this position. After all, Siri is one of iOS's biggest features, and Apple is betting big on it for the future.

[via 9to5Mac]