iPhone 5 Rumors, A Complete Roundup Infographic

If you're curious about what the next generation iPhone has in store, then here's a wonderful infographic that rounds up all the iPhone 5 rumors into one nicely designed chart. Until official details come out, you can stare at this and stay mesmerized by all that may or may not be part of the revamped Apple smartphone. Proceed after the cut to view the full chart.

The chart was designed by graphic artists for the French website Nowhere Else. We've talked about several of these iPhone 5 rumors before, including dual-SIM, NFC equipped, larger screen size, new metal backing, and most recently the rumor of an 8MP camera.

Let us know what you think of the rumors listed in the chart below. Are you excited about the imminent iPhone 5, or are you parting ways for an Android device? Would you go for the white iPhone 4 that's rumored for this summer or hold out for the iPhone 5 that looks to be slated for early 2012?

[via Mashable]