iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test [Video]

There's just a few tests that every single device should go through after their released, this drop test being one of them – will it bust? When you've got a couple of smartphones that are selling so well that they're bound to be compared to one another in just about every sort of test imaginable, is the dropping from shoulder height test that'll get our attention after we've seen everything else. When you've got one phone that's made out of metal and MOSTLY glass on the outside, that being the iPhone 4S, and another phone by the name of Galaxy S II that's made out of Gorilla Glass and MOSTLY plastic on the outside, the results are going to be pretty obvious when you drop them both on the cement – but why not watch anyway?

The iPhone, since it was released with a mostly glass chassis, hasn't exactly been known for its rough and tumble ability to stay in perfect condition. Instead the glass on the front and the back are in place because, heck, how many times do you drop the thing a day anyway? When it comes down to it, there's just about 1 billion different cases you can put on the current model (that being the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S figuration, and unless you're massively clumsy, you're probably not going to be tossing it around on accident in the nude.

Then there's the Galaxy S II. Though there are several different models of this Samsung device out there now, they all share a few of the same traits: mostly plastic and covered on the front with Corning Gorilla Glass. You've probably heard the name Gorilla Glass before, and in fact we've even seen the stuff being demonstrated by the pros back in November of 2010. Since then the glass made by Corning hasn't changed much, so feel free to have a look at that demo below as well – taped straight from Pepcom:

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