iPhone 12 leak dumps some price details of Apple's full 2020 lineup

The first 5G collection of iPhones appears to be leaking in advance of release later this year, all with the name iPhone 12. This most recent leak suggests that the iPhone 12 set will include one smaller model, two with the same display size, and another with a larger display size. The two "lesser" models will have 2-cam setups on their backs, while the two more extravagant models will have 3-cam setups as well as LiDAR on their backs – again, according to the latest leaks as of today. These device will likely be released in around October of 2020, if all goes according to plan.

Information this week comes from Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech. He suggested today that his source for this leak is the same as that which revealed the iPhone SE (2nd gen, 2020) release date this year. In this leaked list, it's suggested that a brand new iPhone 12 will have a starting price of approximately $649 USD. That's for the least of iPhone 12 devices, with a 5.4-inch OLED display and 5G connectivity.

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It would appear that the 5G element will be included with every one of the iPhone 12 family models, right out the gate. The only iPhone released in 2020 without 5G connectivity would be the iPhone SE (2nd gen, 2020), if these leaks prove entirely accurate.

The iPhone 12 5.4-inch OLED display model was tipped to have code-name D52G, while the D53G model was tipped to have a 6.1-inch OLED display. Both of these lesser devices was tipped to have a 2-camera setup on their back – as well as LED flash, we can safely assume. A lot of this is consistent with what we saw earlier in April when we were getting pumped up about the possibility of flat-sided devices galore!

The two higher-end devices would have "Pro" in their names. There's a rumored 6.1-inch display-toting iPhone 12 Pro, with code-name D53P, with an OLED display and 3-cam setup plus LiDAR at its back. The largest device would be the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, with code-name D54P, and the same connectivity and camera setup as the iPhone 12 Pro.

The two non-Pro models would have starting prices at $649 and $749, according to the source speaking with Jon Prosser. The two Pro models would have starting prices of approximately $999 and $1,099 USD, according to this same source. Apple's increased their base pricing structure here – but you'll likely be hard pressed to find a viewer of Apple's final presentation (later this year) able to instantly recall the pricing structure of the devices these iPhone 12 machines replace – it's a whole new world!