iPhone 12 images say Nokia dreams could shock Android devout

Today we're taking a look at a set of renderings of the iPhone 12, the smallest version of the next iPhone. This newest version of Apple's hero phone was rendered in a number of wild, vibrant colors, not unlike the iPhone 11, or the iPhone XR, or even the iPhone 5c. Could an injection of monotone single-color brightness, the sort that's rarely appeared in Apple's design history, bring the brand into a new age of universal appeal for smartphone users?

Back when the iPhone 5c was released, our iPhone 5c Review couldn't help but mention that the colorful plastic reminded us of Nokia's very similar offerings. The same went for our iPhone 5c hands-on and first impressions, what with the green, blue, white, "red" and yellow colors in reinforced plastic exterior casings.

Apple is no stranger to calls for retro hardware from fans of the industrial design of the iPhone 4. Flat metal edges and simple, no nonsense execution for a world that's now looking for phones that have less flare, and a longer-lasting half-life.

Nokia's industrial design for smartphones went "peak Nokia" with devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, unafraid to take the chance that a phone that looks wildly unlike the then-current iPhone standard. It didn't look like an iPhone, it didn't look like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone – it looked like a NOKIA phone.

Apple doesn't have to turn away from their established design language in order to create something unique. They've already established themselves as the default phone-of-choice for millions of users around the world. As such, we won't likely see a bombastic design change like what we're seeing with the renders from SVETApple.sk this week.

But imagine if Apple did create something this wild. The iPhone 12, with a body that's smaller than an iPhone 7, with a display that covers its entire front side (save the notch), at 5.4-inches. Imagine that phone with supreme flatness, a camera array at the back that does, still, stick up a bit above the surface of the phone seems slighter than almost any we've seen in the past several years.

Would this be a device you're interested in? Could this be the combination that allows Apple to entice new masses of users that previously only purchased Android smartphones?

We'll see what Apple actually has in store for us at an event in the near future – likely inside September of 2020. We'll probably see an iPhone 12 release date in October or very early November, 2020. We won't likely see every model revealed at this next Apple event released at the same time – but we'll still be crossing our fingers for wild color casings, no matter the timing!