IPCom patent suit against Apple dismissed by German court

There are a number of patent trolls out there that hold patents they do nothing with and only want to use them to squeeze money out of licensees. IPCom is one of those companies and it has been handed a loss in a patent infringement case that it was fighting against Apple in Germany. Courts also dismissed a suit IPCom had against HTC.

The suit against Apple involved a massive $2.2 billion partial damages claim. That suit had to do with alleged infringement on a patent held by IPCom that has to do with implementing the 3G/UMTS standard. The same patent was at the core of the suit against HTC as well.

The courts tossed both cases out this week saying that no infringement was found. Interestingly, the cases were heard by two different panels of judges, and each panel tossed the cases. IPCom is expected to appeal the rulings. Tech firms like Apple, HTC, and others are spending big money to fight patent trolls as they call for patent reform to stop this kind of action from happening.

IPCom won a patent suit against Nokia back in 2012. Nokia didn't just roll over and get the checkbook out though. Nokia appealed and challenged the validity of the patent and the patent was ruled invalid.

SOURCE: Foss Patents